Exploring Florence Part 2

After having a nightmare first night at a hostel in Florence, we made our way to our new hotel in Piazza Repubblica and set off to see more of what Florence has to offer.

We spent a couple hours walking through the shops and cafes near the duomo and bell tower and then stopped for lunch at a typical Italian Panetteria.Β Firenze2pic1Firenze2pic2

The place that we stopped for lunch was called Pane e Olio, a very small cafe near the Ponte Vecchio. I had the “prosciutto e formaggio”Β panini. The sandwiches were great and not expensive!


Following our traditional Tuscan lunch we went to see the David in the Galleria dell’Accademia.


After spending a couple more hours wandering through the cobblestone streets, we decided that we should continue trying all of the food that the city has to offer. A local suggested a popular crepe place called La Milkeria. It is a small cafe meant for maybe 10 people, yet there were about 30 people crammed inside and in line waiting to get crepes. It was worth the wait!


That was our last night and Florence, yet thankfully not my last time visiting Florence while studying abroad. Although the city is relatively small, there is something to do in every piazza and on every street that you come across. It is very charming and the train/car ride to Florence will give you some of the best views of the Tuscan countryside.

Places to eat:

  1. La Milkeria (Crepes/Cafe):Borgo degli Albizi, 87, Firenze, Italy
  2. Perche No (Gelateria): percheno.firenze.it
  3. Gelateria La Carraia: http://www.lacarraiagroup.eu
  4. Pane e Olio (Paninis):Via Faentina, 2, 50133 Firenze, Italy
  5. Gusta Pizza: Via Maggio, 46R, 50125 Firenze, Italy
  6. Trattoria Dante (great pizza!):Β www.trattoriadante.com/en/
  1. Il duomo
  2. The bell tower
  3. Piazza Michaelangelo
  4. Ponte Vecchio
  5. Piazza Repubblica
  6. Galleria dell’Accademia

xo Katie

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