City of Lights

After walking past the Louvre on our first day in Paris, and seeing the long line, we decided we would get to the Louvre early the next day. It was a good decision because even though we got there early, the line was still pretty long. Once we got inside we had no idea where to go because the museum is huge!


We, of course, saw the Mona Lisa and the large Crown collection, as well as so many other famous paintings and sculptures. It takes a couple hours to get through and I definitely suggest getting one of the headset tours to explain the meanings behind the art. After the Louvre we headed to Notre Dame.


Notre Dame was beautiful! And it is located right next to the Seine, which you can walk along to get to the Pont des Arts and the Louvre.

We were only in Paris for 2 days! Which was not enough! Luckily, I was taking the train to London for the weekend!

xo Kate

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