Adventures in London

After seeing The Mousetrap on our first night, we went to a local pub for fish and chips, which you must eat if you are in England!

As tourists, our first stop the next morning was Buckingham Palace, which is beautiful. One of the most amazing thing about London are the parks that are scattered around the city. St. James Park and Green Park are located next to Buckingham palace and from the park, you can see the London eye.


As you walk through the parks, there are flowers blooming and swans swimming in the ponds. The day we walked through the parks was idyllic. In typical English fashion, the clouds quickly came and the sun was goneΒ but lucky for us it didn’t rain that much. Eventually, we stumbled upon Kensington Palace, which was beautiful and we were lucky enough to go into the gift shop and buy a bunch royal themed gifts.


We were hoping to spot Kate and William, which we didn’t. But atleast, we got to go inside their home! After we got the itch to shop in the gift shop, we headed to Brompton Road to find Harrods. Daisy and I immediately fell in love with Harrods, but not the prices. Everything was beautiful and expensive. Certain floors have little shops like Cath Kidston where you can get gifts, which is where we actually bought stuff. There is also a gigantic food court, with the most delicious food and tea. I returned to Harrods every day while in London because I loved it so much!

I think I found my next house! This was in a little neighborhood on our way to find the shops.

This was one of the displays set up in Harrods.

Having spent a couple hours in Harrods, we decided on finding dinner. That night we went to Brasserie Zedel which is right next to Picadilly Circus. We ate at the bar and the food was good, and the atmosphere and dessert were amazing.

We found the best places to eat during our last two days in London. Read about them in the next post!

xo Kate

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