Foodies in London!!!

I love food. I love a lot of different kinds of food and I love trying new food. Studying abroad definitely gave me the opportunity to try food that I would not normally eat like escargot, pork belly, and spleen(which is disgusting, don’t try it).

When I first told my friends I was going to London, I was told that the food was not good. I was really surprised, as my favorite blog The Londoner always has London restaurant suggestions that look amazing! I tried one of her suggestions, called Hot Box, and it was delicious. Here are some pictures from Hot Box’s Facebook page….


Although these are not my pictures, this is the food that Daisy and I ordered. I would highly recommend the Eggs Benedict (with pork belly), as well as the pancakes! And get tea!

The atmosphere is great, and the dinner menu and bar menu look amazing!

Pretty much as soon as we were done lunch, we were trying to figure out dinner. One of the hardest things about going to a new city is that you don’t know the good restaurants. Eventually, we settled on some BBQ in Soho at Pitt Cue Co. As Americans, we were skeptical of BBQ in London, but the food was delicious. In Italy, our diet consisted mostly of pizza and pasta, so it was nice to have some meat and french fries. Their new location is in Devonshire Square!

The following day, sadly my last day, I was by myself because my friend Daisy left early in the morning. I decided to return to Harrods, Regent Street, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. There was perfect weather in London, so I spent a couple hours reading in Hyde Park. In the afternoon, I realized that I had not gone to Notting Hill! So that is exactly where I went; I walked up and down Portobello Road, bought small souvenirs, and planned exactly where I would like to live in the neighborhood. I also discovered an amazing lunch spot called GAIL’s!


The Wild Mushroom Ragu was the perfect lunch, washed down with lots of tea!

I could have spent all day wandering in Notting Hill, but sadly I had to make my way to Heathrow to fly back to Rome, which is actually not that sad! I have so many great experiences to share from my time in Roma, the Eternal City!

xo, Kate


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