Hidden Treasures in Rome

The best part of Rome is that  you will almost always come across some ancient site or church, even when you aren’t looking for one. The cobblestone streets are very charming and it is easy to just wander and get lost, which is what my friends and I happily did almost every day.

roaming1roaming8Piazza Navona
roaming9roaming7Largo Argentina. This is where Brutus stabbed Caeser (~Mean Girls ~)

Oftentimes after dinner, we would wander around the city for hours. It seemed so huge, yet once you figure it out it is really easy to get around! Don’t use the metro-just walk! We spent a lot of time near the Spanish Steps/Spagna because there were great restaurants and amazing shops that you could easily walk to.

My favorite sunglasses are from Dolce and Gabbana
One of my favorite hidden treasures in Rome is the Knights of Malta Keyhole. If you look through this tiny keyhole there is a long stone path surrounded by tall green hedges. At the end there is the most beautiful view of the Vatican! Your camera has to have a good zoom to get a picture! It is near Circo Massimo, so you can do both in one visit!


There is so much more of Rome that I have to share!

xo, Kate

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