Brunch at The Butcher’s Daughter

The best thing to do on the weekend in NYC is Brunch! Bottomless mimosas, french toast, eggs, pancakes, fancy juices and smoothies, and rustic hipster vibes- the perfect hangover cure! There are so many great restaurants uptown, but when you head downtown there are endless hidden gems.

Yesterday, my friends and I made our way downtown in search of brunch. After hearing about The Butcher’s Daughter from our friends and seeing pictures of it’s food all over Instagram we though it would be the perfect spot.

dsc_0486dsc_0492dsc_0487The restaurant is super tiny so we had to wait a little bit to get in, but once you get in the cozy atmosphere is totally worth it. The walls are decorated with succulents, rustic lights and hanging bowls of fruit. Very insta-worthy.

dsc_0518Everyone is served large glass bottles with fresh mint. dsc_0496dsc_0527dsc_0498dsc_0529dsc_0500dsc_0504The vibe in the Butcher’s Daughter is extremely relaxing and homey- definitely what i want my future kitchen to look like. Andddd the food is delicious!

csc_0600dsc_0530dsc_05317-grain French toast made with almond milk. dsc_0532dsc_0533Monterrey Eggs with Market Salsa and Potato Hash- so good!dsc_0535Smashed Avocado Toast Benedict- the favorite!

dsc_0512dsc_0515dsc_0537dsc_0539dsc_0516dsc_0542The Butcher’s Daughter address is 19 Kenmare St. in Nolita. Super close to a lot of great shopping- or at least window shopping in Soho. dsc_0543Definitely, definitely, definitely worth a try!

xo Kate

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